[:de]Warum eine Amazon Webcam in unserem Schlafzimmer nur eine Frage des Timings & Designs war[:]

[:de]Amazon präsentierte uns vor ein paar Tagen die neue Devices ihres Echo- bzw. Alexa-Portfolios. Ein besondere Rolle spielte dabei die Präsentation des Echo Spots. Während sich auf der einen Seite Kunden über die Möglichkeiten des “Weckers” freuten, wurden auf der anderen Seite Stimmen laut, die sich um die Privatspähre der Anwender sorgen.

This combination of features would have triggered alarm bells just a few years ago during the NSA spying revelations. Microsoft’s Kinect camera creeped a lot of people out just by sitting in a living room, always listening and ready. So why aren’t people freaking out about Amazon’s Echo Spot? Timing is key.

Einer der Gründe ist sicherlich die schleichende Aushebelung der Privatsphäre.

All of these camera advancements have had obvious benefits to consumers, balanced with privacy concerns. The thought of putting your holiday photos online for anyone to see 15 years ago was insane, but now everyone shares daily photos to Facebook or Instagram without even pausing for thought. We’re now entering a similar phase for cameras in the home. You probably already have a smartphone with a camera beside you while you sleep, but it’s probably pointing at the ceiling instead of your bed. New privacy concerns and social norms are now being broken down through devices like the Echo Spot.

Ein anderer sicherlich das Design.

It’s no mistake that Amazon’s Echo Spot looks cute. It has to be cute and tiny to avoid pointing out that it’s a computer with a camera staring at your bed.

Was dabei aber vor allem ausser Acht gelassen wird, ist die Sicherheit bzw. Privatsphähre.

Amazon doesn’t even mention the word privacy in its press release for the Echo Spot or its product page. The camera on the Echo Spot is primarily used to support video calling, but it could theoretically be hacked and used for malicious purposes. Last month we saw a hack that turned an Echo into a live microphone, but required physical access. Outside of in-person firmware hacking, no one has found a way to make an Echo turn on without hearing its wake word.


Quelle: theverge.com[:]